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a little thing i did for a contest in july, i didn’t win unfortunatelly (i nearly had Twyla groumpf). Anyway, let me explain a little bit this story:

It was a contest based on the theme of the 1001 nights and i was the only one who used a boy. It is my scaris deuce, with the earring that comes in Cleo’s Vanity, the top is something i sewn and the pant is a bratz pant (yes a bratz girl, not a boy), i put some jewel on the candle and ad some smoke. with the final touch of random objects, accessorises, jewel…

Like if Deuce was a genie in a new kind of bottle, after have realised wishies….

so here is my 13 wishies deuce. but like i didn”t won (only in theĀ 13 finalist ) i can say that my work is shit…

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